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Phrase: Determine if groups of words are phrases

Clause: Determine if groups of words are clauses

N Phrases:... if they are noun phrases

V Phrases:... if they are verb phrases

Verb Phrases: LDG: Identify the main verb phrases in the original story, The Looking Down Girl

Verb Phrases: LGR:... story, The People Who Let Go of Their Rocks

Adj Phrases: Determine if groups of words are adjective phrases

Adverb Phrases:... adverb phrases

Prep Phrases: Determine if prepositional phrases act like adjectives or adverbs

Clause Patterns: Distinguish among five different clause patterns according to valency (most difficult)

Predicative Phrases: Distinguish between subject and object predicative phrases

Elab/Comb/Red: Distinguish among elaborated, combined, or reduced grammar constructions

Noun Clauses: Determine if groups of words are noun clauses

Adj Clauses:... adjective clauses

Adverb Clauses:... adverb clauses

Video: Using One in Academic Communication

Video: Problems with ONE, ONES, THE ONE, THE ONES,


Video: Problems with HE or SHE, THEY, A PERSON, ONE