Focus: Graphic organizer and 4 videos solve the focus problem in studying a foreign language

Figurative Language: Fill-in-blank idioms of the heart, multiple choice quiz: literal or figurative

Clichés: Fill-in-blank review of common clichés

Irony: Fill-in-blank Steven Wright jokes, multiple choice quiz: logical paradox or vicious circle

Humor: Mad Lib game shows how humor works by logically violating expected patterns

...Recommended North American Cult or Classic or Experimental no particular order...exemplifying most liberal and self-conscious American styles...films I watch over and over for cinematic details...deserving more critical recognition...links coming soon...
  1. Three Women: identity crisis
  2. Zardoz: dystopic fantasy
  3. The Illustrated Man: fate
  4. The Night Porter: Stockholm syndrome
  5. Basquiat: modern art as gimmick
  6. I Shot Andy Warhol: bitter feminism
  7. Midnight Cowboy: dignity and the debased
  8. Clay Pigeons: country noir
  9. Shy People: parental domination
  10. Baby Doll: immigration and integration
  11. Boogie Nights: porn business
  12. Brainstorm: consciousness
  13. Me, You, & Everyone We Know: innocence
  14. Strange Days: voyeurism
  15. Quest for Fire: most primitive society
  16. Memento: short-term memory loss and doom
  17. The River's Edge: teen fraternity
  18. Where The Day Takes You: LA street urchins
  19. Sling Blade: simple hero
  20. The Ice Storm: white collar family decadence
  21. Safe: environmental illness
  22. Crumb: vulgarity as art
  23. Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her: cycle of broken hearts
  24. The Master: gurus
  25. Fight Club: male bonding comiseration
  26. Napoleon Dynamite: modern provincialism
  27. Kalifornia: brute evil
  28. Perfume: fickle fashion
  29. Gattica: eugenics
  30. The Shipping News: finding one's voice
  31. Fargo: comic violent crime
  32. Slacker: enertia of anarchy
  33. Falling Down: solitary vigilantism
  34. The Last Temptation of Christ: imperfect messiah
  35. Pleasantville: embracing chaos
  36. Bagdad Cafe: local show business
  37. Harold and Maude: May December romance
  38. June Bug: bible belt provincial art
  39. Wicked Wicked West: prostitution in pioneer desolation
  40. Ghost World: teen life as art
  41. The Man Who Wasn't There: anonymity and mediocrity
  42. Magnolia: love as deceit
  43. Idiocracy: comic dystopic satire
  44. American Hustle: 70's local dirty American politics
  45. Spun: parody of Requiem for A Dream