Turbo Tongue: Challenge articulation at ever increasing speeds

Name Chain: Memorize all classmates names by the first day

A to Q to A: Exercise converting answers to questions

WH Q Formation: Exercise formulating corresponding questions to their answers

Fixes Charades: Act out meanings of roots, prefixes, and suffixes (handout provided)

1st 3000 Words: Check for basic comprehension (handout provided)

Read My Mind: Also known as "What am I thinking of?"

Student Teaches: Plans for students to teach classmates mini-lessons

Free Role Plays: Favorite controversial topics for conversation practice

Alibi: Role play partners in crime who must keep their stories straight for detectives

Green Card Marry: Role play the ICE interview testing a true marriage

Please Ask Me: Write the questions the interviewer will use with you

I Speak You Draw: Exercise precision in giving and following directions

Silly Voices: Lose inhibitions and self consciousness in the foreign language

Modal Ruin-A-Wish: Practice the modal verb form "I wish I were/If you were/You would"

Covert Converse: Exercise tact and hyper listening in the target foreign language

Trading Traits: Negotiate in the target foreign language

Force the Phrase: Exercise getting a word in edgewise

Why Ringtone: Develop vocabulary and grammar to express personal rationales

Bite Your Tonque: Improve ability to wait one's turn no matter how triggering a topic is

Describe Images: Exercise precision in description, grammar tenses for narrative

Tongue Twisters: Challenge articulation at ever increasing speeds

I Can You Can't: Use the formula subject+can or can't+base form, exercise action collocations

About The Author: Extend vocabulary through exaggeration

Ranking Jobs: Discover vocabulary special to careers and trades

Phoneme Feast: Race the clock to generate phoneme examples

American Vowel Pronunciation Pairs: Listen to and imitate difficult to distinguish vowel sounds in contrasting pairs

Special Pronunciation Practice: Listen to and imitate blending, flap D, and rapid succession of consonants in American jokes

Video: English Vowel Sound Warm-up Exercise

Video: Regular English Verbs Past Participle ED Pronunciation Rules

Private Video: English Vowel Pronunciation Adjustment

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