Level: minimum high beginner no maximum

(Beginner students should play Alibi a few times before Green Card Marriage to get the hang of the general procedure. Intermediate and advanced students should be able to understand the directions given below.)


Exercise question and answer grammar, lifestyle vocabulary, generate and improvise specific details

Directions for Instructors:

  1. Form groups of four. Create fictitious couples within these groups. Instruct students that couples will take turns being ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents, and applicants attempting to acquire a green card for a fraudulent marriage. For classes with imbalanced male to female ratio, select the students who like to joke around the most to be a same gender couple or for one of them to play the opposite gender. For classes with an odd number, select the two students who like to joke around the most to be SIAMESE TWINS!
  2. Send the first set of married couples away from the class. Instruct them to prepare for their individual interviews with the ICE agents of their groups. Guide them in preparing to answer questions about how they met, how they fell in love, what their courtship was like, what kind of wedding they had, how they live together now, and all kinds of personal details they should know about each other because they are "married." (Intimate details are taboo!)
  3. While the couples are away plotting their answers, ICE agents in their groups will plot their questions. See the above list of question types. Instruct ICE agents to think of a few specific questions for each of the question types listed above.
  4. Bring the fraudulent couples back to class. The two ICE agents of the group will individually interview each couple member. Given time, the group's ICE agents can interview both couple members one at a time.
  5. Send the couples away again. Instruct them to discuss any possible variations on their story that came up during the interviews. Instruct the group ICE agents to consult each other about their interview results and discuss story variations.
  6. Bring the couples back to class. Instruct the group ICE agents to confront the couples about any story variation, and the couples to provide any explanations for the story variations.
  7. Briefly have each group of ICE agents report to the class whether or not they will grant the couple a green card.
  8. Reverse couple and agent roles and repeat the process from 1. to 7.