Level: minimum high beginner speakers, no maximum.


This activity exercises question formation, narrowing and developing specific topics, and using vocabulary typical to a topic.


Classmates choose what they want to be interviewed about. They determine which vocabulary set they will practice. They can avoid being put on the spot or topics which cause them discomfort. I recommend this interview format especially for the first few days of class.


A form providing notetaking space about each classmate is especially helpful.


  1. With the teacher, review 5W + H question patterns.
  2. On paper, alone, list ten questions you would like to be asked by a classmate, or five topics you like to talk about.
  3. With each partner, exchange questions or topics. For questions, take turns interviewing each other. For topics, exchange topic lists, and take turns asking each other questions about only the topics that appear on the list. For later class discussion, be prepared to recall not only a classmate's name, but also an interesting detail gleaned from your interview.