Level: minimum intermediate speaker, no maximum


Recall relevant vocabulary. Make small-talk. Talk around topics. Withhold sensitive information.


(The timer, point-system, competitive components of the game are optional; students often enjoy the workings of the game so much that they don't need the added element of competition.)

  1. Pair off the students. Mix up the native languages.
  2. Use a fair and random method for determining the order of play, pairs as teams.
  3. Use a timer or watch the clock. Pair A gets a minute to plan their secret topic of conversation. Pair A write their topic word on a slip of paper for the teacher to keep.
  4. Pair A moves to the front of the room so that all other pairs may hear and see them. Pair A conducts their conversation without revealing the topic.
  5. As soon as any other class member has an idea of the topic, he or she joins in on the conversation, also taking care not to reveal the topic.
  6. The teacher listens carefully and immediately identifies anyone who reveals the secret topic word. This player could receive a demerit. All the conversing players could receive a point. A new round must begin should this revelation occur.
  7. The process otherwise continues for a total of five minutes or other effective time limit deemed by the teacher.
  8. At the end of the time limit, the original pair identifies all other class members who seemed to "know" what they were talking about. These class members earn a point.
  9. The game continues until each pair has had a turn to initiate a secret conversation.