Level: minimum intermediate speaker, no maximum


Use positive language, exercise quality adjectives and nouns, converse about personalities.


Barter with classmates to end up with preferred personal qualities.


  1. Brainstorm with the class for a list of positive personal qualities--come up with three times as many positive qualities as there are students. Use the alphabet as a brain jogging prompt.
  2. Each student will write three different qualities on slips of paper until all the qualities have been written down.
  3. Put all the qualities in a bag or other container suitable for blind drawing. Shake them up well.
  4. Have each student blindly draw three quality slips until all students have drawn.
  5. Students then circulate among each other, trading slips of paper until they are happy with the qualities they now possess. That some students have more or less than three is permissable and adds interest to the closure discussion.
  6. When all students are satisfied, regroup as a class and discuss what qualities each student now possesses, and why. Discuss priority issues and trading strategies.
  7. If the students aren't weary, review all new vocabulary.