Level: minimum high beginner, no maximum


Exercise specialized vocabulary and expressing opinions.


Interview classmates to compare and contrast cultural and personal perspectives on assessing the social values of different professions and occupations.


A matrix template with a job column at far left, and a column for each class member's opinioned rank is especially helpful. Dictionary use should be permitted.


  1. Either brainstorm with the class or use the job titles below to fill in the matrix job column.
  2. Students first spend some time alone assigning a rank number to each job on the list. No ties among jobs are permitted.
  3. Students interview each other in pairs to discuss and complete their respective columns.
  4. When all the student interviews are complete, students report how they used their dictionaries and what new terms they learned, and then students are invited to share in a whole class discussion any insights or debates from their interviews.

Suggested Profession/Occupation List:

  1. dentist
  2. taxi driver
  3. secretary
  4. teacher
  5. police officer
  6. lawyer
  7. journalist
  8. chef
  9. professor
  10. actor
  11. nurse
  12. sales person
  13. librarian
  14. engineer
  15. farmer
  16. garbage collector
  17. musician
  18. plumber
  19. beautician
  20. technician
  21. laborer
  22. wait staff
  23. call center staff
  24. electrician
  25. custodian
  26. machinist
  27. clerk
  28. artist

online resources

US Dept of Labor: Occupational Outlook Handbook

US Dept of Labor: Explore Careers