Level: any


Improve accurate pronunciation and recall of active vocabulary.


Group Activity:

  1. Instructor divides class into equally sized teams and team members of diverse ability.
  2. Instructor identifies one phoneme, such as the voiced th sound, and exemplifies this phoneme in a word commonly known among students.
  3. Instructor encourages teams not to look at each other's work because if more than one team chooses an incorrect word, both teams will forfeit a point. Instructor sets a timer for one minute.
  4. Team members collaborate to generate as many words as possible that contain the identified phoneme.
  5. At the end of the minute, instructor checks the lists for correctness and encourages teams to self-correct by modeling the phonemes that don't match. One method is to repeat the original model word and the student generated word over and over until the students hear the difference and find a replacement word.
  6. Instructor tallies the team totals and awards a point to the team with the most example words.

One on One:

  1. Instructor models a phoneme and exemplifies it in a word already known to the student.
  2. Instructor sets a timer for thirty seconds.
  3. Student generates as many word examples of the phoneme as possible given 30 seconds.
  4. Note: Students who go through the alphabet one letter at a time will be able to generate more examples than without any prompt.

IPA chart Be very careful! The word at the bottom of each cell is the example, and some are not the best choices. Now might be a good time to start discussion of regional American accents: Aschmann's audio samples and How Y'all, Youse, and You Guys Talk.