Level: minimum high beginner, intermediate maximum


Increase fluency in forming wh questions; increase size of language "chunks" to recall verbatim


Given level-appropriate reading material, the learner will: Model the transformation process, how to use the grammar and vocabulary to make matching questions and answers, for example: The District of Columbia has many cherry trees/What does the District of Columbia have?/What has many cherry trees?/How many cherry trees does the District of Columbia have? Emphasize using the SAME main verb! Nonexample: Where are there many cherry trees?

  1. Transform declarative sentences into wh questions, using the correct structure for WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW, and including all sentence details.
  2. Recite resulting wh questions to classmates, pronouncing comprehensibly. Repeat as needed.
  3. Select classmates to transform the wh questions back into matching declarative sentences.
  4. Assess correctness of classmates' responses.
  5. When called on, transform the wh questions formed by other classmates back into the matching declarative sentences, pronouncing comprehensibly and including all details in grammatically correct arrangements.