Spiral Notebook: Copy some native English every day

Readings Cycle: Comprehensive routine for typical reading texts

Dictation Relay: Take turns actively dictating, retaining, and taking dictation

Sentence Hangman: Reading closure activity to reinforce vocabulary and grammar

Grammar Cycle: Comprehensive routine for typical grammar texts

Rule with Rules: Learning/memorizing/teaching collaborative activity

Paragraph Power: Formula for quickly generating topic sentence and detail sentences

Reductio Ad Unum: Chalkboard game that reinforces chunking skills

Art of Handwriting: Cursive writing activity for enrichment

Place Phrase Chain: Use prepositional phrases creatively

Acrostics: Reinforce new vocabulary and develop literary skills

Book Business: Collaborate to develop closer more savvy relationships with books

Easier Essays: Increase chances of getting a 5 on TOEFL Writing with this practice