Level: minimum beginner, maximum low intermediate


Extended practice for prepositions of place after grammar book intro and exercises...


  1. With the whole class, brainstorm all the prepositions of place that they know, writing them on the board so everyone can copy them down.
  2. Demonstrate the game: Write a simple present simple sentence using a preposition of place, such as: The car is in the driveway. Write another, this time using the driveway as the subject phrase, and a DIFFERENT preposition of place, such as The driveway is along the front yard. Explain to the students that they can't repeat a noun after using it as a subject, and they can never repeat a preposition of place.
  3. Divide the class into progressively smaller groups, supervising their use of the chalkboard to play this preposition of place sentence stringing game. Each time the board gets filled up with their writing, collectively check their grammar and mechanics, discussing logic as necessary.
  4. Eventually the students will practice this activity in groups of two or three to optimize participation. To increase challenge and interest, forbid the use of the same nouns from previous games.
  5. To extend this activity to produce something "real", give the students felt tip pens and construction paper, and instruct them to write a short children's story based on the preposition game. Perhaps have them write the story on the chalkboard to edit errors before they put their stories on the construction paper. Encourage students to doodle illustrations around their sentences.
  6. Direct the students in taking turns giving their classmates a story-time reading. Encourage students to react like kind children. To optimize student sense of accomplishment, video record their performances.