For success in English learning, I can't overemphasize the importance of 1) being organized, 2) repeating lessons many times, and 3) copying interesting and correct English.

To copy in the first week on the first page of a blank spiral notebook: I bought a spiral notebook. I will write in the notebook every day. First, I will write the day's date. Then, I will copy a passage of correct English. I can copy from anything in correct English. Each passage will be one hundred words, minimum. Each passage will be interesting to me. For each passage, I will think about neat handwriting, correct upper and lower case, and correct spelling. I will also think about definitions, grammar, and punctuation. I will learn how to write simple sentences. I will learn how to write questions. Sometimes, I will copy from English grammar books about these things. Every day, in my notebook, my last words will thank the original writer of the passage. Today, I am copying my teacher Lisa's writing. Today, my last words are, Thank you for this passage, Lisa. (This passage is 165 words long. I will document my word count at the end of every entry in this notebook.)

notebook preface model