Level: minimum beginner readers, no maximum


This activity exercises using knowledge of grammatical patterns to remember and recognize long phrases in English. Also, it encourages careful speaking and listening.

Directions for small chalkboard-alternative to above video's partner method:

  1. Make groups of three to four members. Each group needs one student who has strong grammar skills. A group of four can have more members who don't have strong grammar skills.
  2. Push all desks and chairs and other furniture as far out of the way as possible.
  3. The game will be played in rounds. For each round, select a different reader, a different writer, and one or two different runners. Everyone must have a turn at each job. Send a writer from each group to the chalkboard. The readers stay on the opposite side of the room from the chalkboard. The runners stay in the middle until it is time to play.
  4. Your teacher will give each reader a 35-50 word paragraph. Readers MUST NOT show their paragraphs to their runners.
  5. When your teacher says START, the readers will tell their first runner their first sentence. They may repeat the sentence as many times as the runner needs. They must communicate only in complete sentences.
  6. Then, the first runner will go to the writer at the chalkboard and dictate the first sentence.
  7. While the first runner is dictating to the writer at the chalkboard, if there is a second runner, the reader teaches the second runner the second sentence.
  8. The second runner may not go to the writer until the first runner comes back to the reader.
  9. The round continues this way until one writer completes that team's paragraph. Then your teacher will say STOP. Your teacher will check for accuracy. Any errors on the chalkboard will disqualify a team. The round will continue until a team successfully relays a complete and correct paragraph.
  10. Depending on time, you will play another round to give each team member a chance at a different job.


Readers: Talk only with runners on your end of the room. You must not use your hands or show your paragraph to your runners.

Runners: You must wait until you get to the chalkboard to talk to your writer. You must not use your hands or touch the chalkboard. You may spell words for the writer.

Writers: You must not talk at all. You may only write on the chalkboard. You may write any communication on the chalkboard.

All players: Do not harrass the members of other teams!