Level: mimimum beginner speaker, maximum intermediate speaker


Memorize any grammar rule for easy recall.


Semantic and syntactic accuracy, comprehensible pronunciation, recognizing collocations, improving memory


  1. Assign each student a rule, ONE rule, according to their relative ability in the class.
  2. Give students a little time to memorize their own rule.
  3. Instruct students to teach their classmates only their own rule, and to learn the other rules from their classmates. Give the students a roster of their classmates to guide them in working with EVERYONE.
  4. Allow or forbid using writing or books as necessary.
  5. After a reasonable amount of time, quiz the students orally.
  6. Depending on time permitted and student ability, break the activity up into frequent short whole-class review sessions.
  7. If students laugh at a student who has trouble reciting other rules, remind them that they must be terrible teachers if their classmate didn't learn!
  8. Administer a cloze activity for students to demonstrate mastery of the rules.
  9. Reteach by modeling a mneumonic on the board, such as the first letter of each word in the rule, have students complete the set of mneumonics, and review chorally according to them. Retest.

Variation 1:

After students have had time to study, enforce closed books. Hand out or model a cloze activity for the rules, which they cooperate to complete.

Variation 2:

Assign a small group of home-language diverse students one rule. Instruct them that they are responsible for each other's mastery of that rule. Perform mastery checks during their learning/teaching process. Then recombine students in new groups until all students have had a chance to learn all rules from their classmates.