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The Antecedent to Recession:

Once upon a time there was the
1. penny. This first penny came before a long
2. of pennies. We
3. that when that first penny glittered in our hot little hands, we had no idea of the
4. of pennies that would follow. Someone would say, Good!, and reward us for our
5. with another penny. Thus the routine
6. was established, and we dreamed of pennies parading into our pockets. In the
7. , we promised we would continue to
8. . However, we spent our pennies in
9. of the number we had. In school, we did not learn from our daily
10. . Our spending continues to
11. our earnings because we are not willing to make any
12. . We believe we
13. , but in fact we
14. , hence our yellow brick road to
15. .