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Student A is sitting in the school cafeteria. Student B soon joins her. Student A and Student B are very good friends who often joke around and have absurd conversations together to practice commonly confused homonyms.

  1. A: Hi, do I know you?
  2. B: Of course--you recently applied to be a friend of mine.
  3. A: Oh! Did you accept my application?
  4. B: That depends. Did you go to my birthday party?
  5. A: Everyone went except me.
  6. B: That's good. Take my advice and never go where everyone else goes!
  7. A: Do you follow your own advice?
  8. B: No, only other people's. Please advise me. (Laughs)
  9. A: Does laughter affect health?
  10. B: Sure! It causes it!
  11. A: How many times do I have to tell you, the opposite of cause is effect?
  12. B: Oh, let's not go there!
  13. A: But, why? We're all ready to go.
  14. B: We already went there.
  15. A: No we didn't. I drove past my exit. The truck passed me on the right.
  16. B: Besides, I can't go.
  17. A: So, sit down and stay awhile. You can rest for a while.
  18. B: Thanks a lot.
  19. A: Sit beside me.
  20. B: My clothes are too loose.
  21. A: Don't lose your keys in them!
  22. B: They're in lost and found.
  23. A: You'll never learn.
  24. B: Teach me. I will further my skills through practice.
  25. A: My principle reason for teaching is love.
  26. B: (Hand in pocket) There are my keys!
  27. A: I'm a teacher, not a principal.
  28. B: Oh, their keys aren't here.
  29. A: Your English improves every day.
  30. B: I can do more than this.
  31. A: Then please do more! Please set the table for dinner.
  32. B: We may be able to stay.
  33. A: Maybe we will stay. Sit with us at our table.
  34. B: Whose house is this?
  35. A: Who's there?
  36. B: I would've called first.
  37. A: Called? What's the weather report? Does it say whether it will rain? I like to walk to the store. I like to ride my bike, too. I like two wheels.
  38. B: The park is farther from my house than the shopping center.
  39. A: You're improving!