Hints to play the game QUOTES HANGMAN:

  • Before playing, at least a hundred times, click the get-wiser-button at lowest left and read the results.
  • Start with the most commonly-used letters, "e" or "t"
  • Vowels are very common: a, e, i, o, u
  • Remember commonly-seen letter combinations: th, nd, ing, st, ch, ...
  • You get ten letter choice fails for each new quotation.
  • Warning: Words can break randomly when they carry down to the next line.
Quotes: Fails:

Lisa's Book

People Who Let Go of Their Rocks cover From across a wide river, a small boy spies on the people of a forbidden village. He learns strange movements from them, and he cannot know how much his actions will affect his mother, father, and all the people of his own village. The story's language is simple, economical, emphatic, lyrical--unobtrusively mnemonic, optimized for non-native speaker comprehension and retention. The story's vocabulary does not stray much beyond the 3,000 most commonly used words in English. In Part Two, students may complete exercises about independent clause verbs, dependent clause verbs, verbals, phrasal verbs, and other verb collocations.